It's December 2017 and South Africa scored the lowest literacy results out of 50 countries globally.
* Educators can only do so much in a 40+ learner classroom, or a classroom where major resources are missing.
* In my opinion, e-Learning should form an integral part of any school's strategy to assist educators with their difficult task.
Teaching kids to READ & WRITE should be TOP priority.

Edu-Learning Solutions

* We can fix old computer labs or create a new one.
* We provide practical, hands-on assistance to use tablets, laptops, pc's & EDU software applications better.
* We show learners and educators in class, how to use the equipment and software, and track progress.
* We also offer a custom Basic Computer Introduction lesson - Learn about wifi, cellphones, laptops, tablet, Software, Internet, virusses, backups, and how it all work together...
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Digital Backup of Paper files

* Paperfiles are a part of every organization - but they damage, get lost, and needs to be re-copied often - we offer a service where we convert these paperfiles into a digital format, which can be stored on hard disk or flashdrive.

* Alternatively, we have developed a lightweight, digital File Repository Application, to easily store & view your digital files from a pc or laptop, or tablet.