Dezzpro and the MUVIZU Animation Software application...

* Dezzpro has recently pulled in younger talent, and decided to add additional services.
* This opened up a vibrant new world of techonology and creativity and a new direction to pursue.
* We are the official reseller of MUVIZU digital animation software for South Africa, and we are proud to be associated with the brand.
* It is our aim to bring MUVIZU to many learners, digital artists & creative individual or group in South Africa.

More about Dezzpro

* In addition to sales, we offer animation services to convey marketing, informational and other messages to a variety of clients.

Visit the MUVIZU website for a wealth of information, videos and guides.

Alternatively, we would be super happy to assist you to explore the features of MUVIZU and to help you unlock it's full potential.