Dezzpro Technologies

* Network IT Services to Education, NGO's & Small business.

* Support for Broadband, ADSL, Wireless, Networks, Anti-Virus, backups, and more..

Networks are staggering under recent virus attacks - and some predict that it is only the beginning - ransom ware is now standard modus for attackers - they encrypt your files and demand money to give it back - the best policy is to try and prevent attack in the first place.

Safer Networks

Networks of all types & sizes are under attack - homes, schools, small business - Remote Internet access + on-line banking, presents attackers with financial and data breach opportunities daily.
** For basic network safety, at least do the following.....update patches, install AV + firewall with auto updates - make backups. Even then, watch and update your security controls daily - especially if you handle banking and sensitive data.
** Auto scan every memory stick used on the pc, especially in a shared pc environment.

*AVG Internet Security, offers top-class anti-virus, with local firewall and other features to help combat ransom-ware and other threats.

To further assist with security, we offer firewalls and backup options, to suit both peer-to-peer, and client-server scenarios.

Please contact us to request a quotation.

Profile & Incident Repository

Developed in-house, we offer a lightweight, low-cost File Repository to centrally store & access files.
* Once stored, this information can be viewed and opened from a pc or laptop.
* Ideally suited for use at accountants, lawyers, schools, construction companies, service companies, educational centres, old age homes, clinics, dentist and doctor surgeries.
Full training is provided - a handy low-cost storage repository for any file.

Our lightweight Incident Register, offers the same features to register an incident, and then centrally store all documents related to that incident, where everyone with access can view it.

Web development

From basic to more advanced, using the latest technology with edgy design and creativity - we develop websites to suit our clients' needs and budget.
HTML, front-end frameworks, template based or custom CMS - give us an opportunity to evaluate and quote for your site - every requirement is different and is an expression of the client's brand and core message.