* We provide technology products & services across industries and client bases.

* Our brooms and wands are manufactured by ourselves, locally.

* We offer other technology services and products.

Magnetic Brooms and Wands

Our magnetic brooms are made from durable, quality aluminum. We use high quality imported magnets, with our own well-tested magnet alignment, to produce good pick up of metallic nails, screws & filings.
This assists in removing the very objects which cause damage to tires, unnecessary replacement costs and production delays. Replacement parts are also available. The release system easily drops the metal parts in a bin for disposal. Our magnets are imported, but we manufacture the rest locally.

Our wands are ideal for those spaces where the broom just cannot reach and is a handy tool to have. The strong magnet can be used to probe under bins and crates and in tight spaces.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Additional Products & Services

Dezzpro is keen to become a preferred service provider to our clients, across industries. We can provide competitive pricing on safety equipment, engineering consumables, manufacturing consumables like filters, small motors, etc. .
We are keen to assist our clients with their requirements, so please do not hesitate to give us a call.