* Fix old computer labs, or create new school or community computer labs & Internet cafe's.

* We accommodate small budgets.

* Hands-on computer lessons for learners, teachers, assistants, staff members - at your site.

* Ink cartridges compatible with any printer, at affordable prices.

Edu-Learning Solutions

* We can fix old computer labs or create a new one.
* We provide practical, hands-on assistance to use tablets, laptops, pc's & EDU software applications better.
* EDU software installations, lessons and inside the classrooom assistance.
* We also offer a Basic Computer Introduction lesson - Learn about wifi, cellphones, laptops, tablet, Software, Internet, virusses, backups, and how it all work together...
Contact us for Reference School details, and get Principal & SGB feedback on our work.

School & Small Biz consumables

Good prices on original or compatible products - we can deliver to your door.
Contact us for a quote and see how you can save!

GEMNET - Gemeenskaps Netwerk - for mobiles

I have a passion for rural communities & small towns - that passion gave birth to the community network & information portal, which we are improving, and plan to re-launch in the foreseeable future..
It is meant for small towns, informal communities, farm workers, etc - to give them a voice and a platform. Currently focused on the Western Cape only, but eager to expand technology & footprint.
* We are still in our baby phase with this project - BUT we are actively looking for organizations to occupy our prime advertising space.

Web development

From basic to more advanced, we develop websites to suit our clients' needs and budget.
Give us an opportunity to evaluate and quote for your website requirement.