* Network IT Services to Education, NGO's & Small business.

* Support for Broadband, ADSL, Wireless, Networks, Anti-Virus & backups.

*** Ransomware *** - Encrypts files & demands money to decrypt. Without backups, your data is lost - serious threat.

* Software Repository - we create our own for use in small business.

GEMNET - Gemeenskaps Netwerk - for mobile phones

I have a passion for rural communities & small towns - so I developed a community network & information portal, which I am launching shortly.
It is meant for small towns, informal communities, farm workers, etc - to give them a voice and a platform. Currently focused on the Western Cape only, but eager to expand technology & footprint.
And we are actively looking for organizations to occupy our prime advertising space.

Safer Networks

Homes, schools, business - All networks suffer from regular virus attacks - with RANSOMWARE, your data is lost without secure backups. additionally, Online banking presents attackers with financial and data breach opportunities daily.
** For basic network safety....you need to update patches, install AV + firewall, make backups. Even then, watch and update your security controls daily.
** Auto scan every memory stick used on the pc, especially in a shared pc environment.

*AVG Internet Security offers Internet protection, with local firewall and other features to help combat ransom-ware and other threats.
*McAfee EPO for Enterprise + Kaspersky, are the other products we recommend.
* Network discovery & mapping + Network monitoring & NG Firewalls, are more advanced services we offer to match client needs.

File Repository

Developed in-house, we offer a lightweight, low-cost File Repository to centrally store & access files.
* Once stored, this information can be viewed and opened from a pc or laptop.
* Can be easily configured to store client files, claim documents, legal files, patient files, adhoc office documents, departmental or employee files, etc.
Full training is provided - a handy low-cost storage repository for any file.

Scanning - we offer assistance with document scanning and the configuration of scanners to store documents on pc or network.
We have a high speed loan scanner available.

Web development

From basic to more advanced, we develop websites to suit our clients' needs and budget.
Give us an opportunity to evaluate and quote for your website requirement.